Single Step Wholefood Co-operative


Penny Street 78a
LA 1 4XN Lancaster
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Telefon: +44 1524 63021

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Founded in 1976, Single Step is a non-profit making workers’ co-operative. We’re all equally responsible for running the shop and we all receive the same pay. All the decisions we make are by consensus.
Single Step tries to follow ethical and environmental principles in the way it runs:

- All products are vegetarian and most are vegan
- None of our products are tested on animals
- We try to keep our prices as low as possible
- We stock many fairtrade products
- We sell environmentally friendly products
- We recycle and re-use as much as possible
- We provide a 10% discount for senior citizens
- We sell a wide range of organic products and try to keep our shop GM-free
- Healthy eating is important to us. We focus on wholefoods and avoid unnecessary additives
- We buy local produce and purchase many products in bulk, reducing costs and packaging
- None of our fresh fruit or veg is air freighted
- We sell tampons & sanitary towels at cost price and condoms at a discounted rate


Montag - Samstag: 09:30 bis 17:30

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Vegetarisch mit veganem Angebot

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